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IVZ chooses TIXEL for large scale distributed media archive

12 November 2014
IVZ chooses TIXEL for large scale distributed media archive

IVZ, the IT service provider for German public broadcaster ARD, is using the latest version of TIXEL’s TIXway to accelerate its IBM’s TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) transfers by a factor of about 70.

IVZ operates a central large-scale media archive with facilities in Berlin and Leipzig, handling 1800TB for current productions and 2500TB of digitised content every year. Transfers to and from the individual studios and for data exchange between the two redundant distributed archive systems require high-speed data transfers.

“It turned out that TIXway’s capability of accelerating standard FTP and TCP based protocols like TSM was the missing piece in our archiving 10G network infrastructure,” Michael Blandfort, project manager at IVZ, explained. “TIXway software seamlessly integrates at the transfer endpoints and transparently boosts transfer speed in the WAN to the level we experience in our LAN.”

TIXway is designed to accelerate both FTP and other TCP based applications, and to significantly accelerate complex workflows to maximum speed, with minimum integration and deployment effort.

“We are pleased to provide IVZ with our network know-how and our high-speed transfer technology,” said Andreas Aust, TIXEL’s CTO, “Right from the start we designed our products for maximum speed in multi-gigabit WANs. Therefore TIXway perfectly fits into this kind of media workflow and data centre ecosystem.”

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