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iTX software to replicate master control

14 March 2006

A new approach to software-based transmission and production using standard IT hardware and Windows Media technology will be launched by OmniBus Systems at NAB.

OmniBus iTX intelligent transmission software replicates all functions of master control to a high level, allowing small and mid-sized broadcasters to make a measured migration from the traditional hardware-based world toward a software-based transmission facility.

"The broadcast industry’s transition toward IT-based solutions began about 10 or 15 years ago, and today most facilities rely on networks, storage, and workstations built with software control in mind," said OmniBus CTO Ian Fletcher. "Despite these advances, forward progress in terms of the actual transmission chain was very limited. Even modern systems require a substantial amount of dedicated hardware, and coordinating all of these systems and related protocols to enable transmission can be both challenging and costly. iTX is our solution to this problem."

The iTX system software fulfills a variety of roles: video server, master control, graphics, and logo inserter with functionality including automation, ingest, editing, and basic content management. This format-independent and bit rate-agnostic solution can mix DV, MPEG1 through MPEG4, AVI, and WMV formats freely and will scale incoming media of any resolution to the appropriate output format, enabling SD and HD content to be mixed on the same playlist.

Files can be ingested from tape or line using a realtime encode into a Windows Media file, or delivered to the server as a new file. Content also may be sourced directly from an existing broadcast server or from any industry-standard editor.

iTX technology is compatible with existing automation systems, so broadcasters can use it to run a conventional broadcast chain or a new-generation iTX transmission chain. Available with PCs optimised with the latest AMD chipsets, as well as modifications that maximise bandwidth use and realtime video processing, iTX serves as an easy-to-maintain playout solution for moderately sized transmission facilities, emerging transmission markets, disaster recovery systems, or companies launching IPTV services.


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