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ITV strikes storage deal with EMC Isilon

15 December 2011
ITV strikes storage deal with EMC Isilon

A “flexible architecture” approach is key to ITV’s major purchase of an EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage platform, Isilon Chief Strategist David Sallak (pictured) told TVBe.

The storage platform deal will enable the UK television network to transition to a pan-ITV HD file-based infrastructure in order to store and manage all content digitally, and make it available through existing broadcast channels and the online platforms.

In August 2010, ITV announced its Transformation Plan, aimed at redesigning and refocusing the business over a five-year period. Isilon and ITV have agreed a deal to provide storage for all ITV production sites and two data centres to allow ITV to scale-out storage in-line with its transformational plan for future growth.

Andrew Ioannou, director of strategy for ITV, said: “We are delighted to have entered an agreement with EMC Isilon to support a core part of ITV’s technology platform. The deal marks continued progress of ITV’s Transformation Plan and a further step in our move towards a fully tapeless environment.”

“As media businesses evolve to encompass highly diverse content creation and delivery processes, scale-out storage architectures are proving invaluable in solving many of the inherent challenges,” said David Sallak, chief strategist, Media and Entertainment for Isilon. “ITV is at the forefront of content innovation and we are pleased to be working with them on this exciting project.”

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