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ITV News to refit sites with ChyronHego graphics workflow

2 April 2013
ITV News to refit sites with ChyronHego graphics workflow

UK commercial television network ITV will replace the complete graphics infrastructure across its 10 ITV News regions with ChyronHego’s BlueNet. The BlueNet end-to-end graphics workflow solution, a mix of cloud services with ground applications and hardware, will enable ITV News to establish a highly efficient model of collaborative graphics creation that in turn supports each UK ITV News site in taking more high-quality graphics to air in the shortest cycle time. “The ChyronHego solution for ITV’s regional news graphics production has enabled us to transform the way we produce quality on-screen graphics live-to-air,” said Paul Stevenson, director of technology and technical operations at ITV News. “We have centralised our creative graphics hub, allowing our small team of skilled designers to collaborate and serve our dispersed regional news studio operations. Journalists in the regions will have a powerful set of templates giving them the capability to produce their own high-quality graphics with a fast turnaround to serve their local news programmes." BlueNet leverages ChyronHego’s suite of graphics tools to streamline ordering and graphics asset management, graphics creation, and realtime playout in a complete graphics workflow, from creation through to production. ITV selected BlueNet following an extensive evaluation process, and the resulting installation will include ChyronHego’s CAMIO Cluster, located at the ITV News Birmingham hub, for asset management, content replication, and business continuity. Each regional site will be equipped with a CAMIO server that will manage local assets; a pair of LEX³˙¹ graphics playout devices; MicroX graphics playout systems; and ChyronHego’s MediaMaker, creating graphics for editing applications such as Avid Media Composer, NewsCutter, and others. The ChyronHego Desktop Multi-viewer will enable remote monitoring, maintenance, and control of any devices. ITV News will employ ChyronHego’s full line of Axis World Graphics cloud-based solutions. Major modules from the platform will include Axis maps and news for content creation; Axis order for workflow management, job tasking, monitoring, and control; and Axis Statistical Reporting for productivity management. ITV Granada and ITV Central are both fully commissioned and operational. The remaining regional rollout will continue until summer 2013.

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