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Its name is Rio

8 September 2012
Its name is Rio

Pablo Rio – the development of which was first announced earlier this year under the name ‘new Pablo’ – is Quantel’s open colour grading and finishing system that supports requirements including stereoscopic 3D, high frame rates and multiple digital acquisition formats. “Pablo Rio is available as software only and as a range of out-of-the-box systems running on high performance PC hardware and making use of multi-GPU NVidia Maximus technology,” said Steve Owen, marketing director at Quantel. The system offers Pablo’s colour grading and finishing toolset, and supports both the Neo panel and the new Neo Nano compact panel. Quantel has also integrated Imagineer Systems’ mocha Planar Tracker into the toolset. The tracker will be a free upgrade for all Pablo systems running V5 software from the end of October. Pablo Rio is available as software – listing for £29,000 – to run on the user’s own hardware and storage. It is also offered as a range of tested turnkey configurations running on PC hardware. Both software and turnkey systems work across data formats including OpenEXR, RED HDRx, Sony F65, Arri RAW, Canon, Phantom, Silicon Image and GoPro. – Carolyn Giardina7.A20

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