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ITN upgrades Autoscript prompting for Channel 4 News

17 November 2011
ITN upgrades Autoscript prompting for Channel 4 News

Vitec Group brand Autoscript has completed a major upgrade of prompting equipment for Channel 4 News at the ITN Studios in Grays Inn Road, London.

The new equipment includes two LED 15” On Camera Units and two LED 8” On Camera Units, as well as a pair of W15 On-Air Talent Monitors. Autoscript’s WinPlus software is also linked to ITN’s iNews NRCS, allowing producers to make changes to the running order and edit anywhere within the script – even when scrolling an on-air story.

The upgrade is part of Autoscript’s ongoing contract with ITN to supply its prompting requirements. The two ITV studios at the facility will be upgraded in a similar fashion in the future.

Steve Luck, senior team leader at ITN Studios, commented: “We’re very pleased with the new equipment. The new hoods are lighter weight and less obtrusive, and the LED backlit screens are much brighter and clearer. In addition, the integrated tally lights eliminate the need for the stick-on indicators.

“Autoscript has always responded to our needs quickly and efficiently, which is largely why we have had a relationship that has been built up and maintained over a period of 20 or so years.”

Brian Larter, worldwide managing director at Autoscript, added: “We’re proud to have the trust of leading broadcasters such as ITN, and work hard to maintain these relationships. We constantly strive to develop tools that will enhance their studio set-ups, from improving efficiencies of on-camera units to designing accessories that solve specific problems.”

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