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ITN’s Steve Luck speaks at ITBW conference with Symbox

2 April 2012
ITN’s Steve Luck speaks at ITBW conference with Symbox

Gold sponsor Symbox and ITN will present at this year’s IT Broadcast Workflow conference to discuss ‘Integrating people, operations and IT for enhanced business planning and reporting at ITN’. Speaker Steve Luck, senior team leader at ITN, and Amit Patel (pictured), CEO of Symbox, will deliver a case study covering: + A Broadcast & IT Human Workflow Management Solution for better visibility, control and timely reports+ An Infrastructure Management Database to give better control of assets+ Cultural shift to encourage broadcast engineers to embrace a solution+ Instant visibility into ITN daily engineering and IT support desk operations+ Planning future Broadcast & IT Support needs, based on time spent on client activities Hear more from ITN and Symbox at the fourth IT Broadcast Workflow conference, which this year moves to the prestigious and convenient BAFTA venue in central London. It is Europe’s premier event charting the development and adaptation of file-based operations in European broadcasting organisations.  The convergence of Information Technology with traditional broadcast engineering is happening fast. Any chief technologist tasked with building a broadcast infrastructure today would use IT solutions to power the bulk of facilities. Any CFO tasked with making the business more flexible to new platforms, and more efficient in the process, would seek the automated and extensible systems that only IT can provide.  These strategic decisions are based on getting the technology choices right, not least if the station or channel is to be kept on air during the transition. It also implies significant change management of personnel.  TVBEurope’s unique IT Broadcast Workflow event is dedicated to putting the facts before an audience of broadcast decision makers. Register now to attend this year’s ITBW conference at BAFTA and take advantage of the special early bird price before 1 May.


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