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ITN installs Calrec for Channel 4

5 March 2014
ITN installs Calrec for Channel 4

News and multimedia content company ITN has installed an Artemis Light digital audio console from Calrec Audio, in the Channel 4 News production gallery at its London HQ. The primary console for Channel 4 News, the Artemis Light desk provides digital signal processing (DSP) power, scalable I/O options, and faders for mixing the news.

The 40-fader Artemis Light features Calrec’s Bluefin2 signal-processing engine with 240 channel processing paths. Calrec’s Hydra2 plug-and-play audio routing system is equipped with 24 mic/line inputs, 48 line inputs, 48 line outputs, 64 AES inputs, 64 AES outputs, 48 opto inputs, and 48 relays. The desk’s Automixer can mix more than one source of speech, and has been a useful tool during multiple-guest interviews.

"Getting more DSP power was critical for us. Before we got the Artemis Light, our lack of it prevented us from making full use of outside sources," said Andrew Colgan, ITN technical projects manager. "The Artemis Light has a huge number of standard processing paths when compared to the competition. Having so much DSP power allows us to load all of our sources and destinations into memory and recall them almost instantaneously, making day-to-day programmes a breeze. At the same time, we can easily accommodate complicated changes."

Jim Green, UK sales manager at Calrec Audio, added: “ITN’s Channel 4 News is a highly respected programme that reaches millions of people every day and is a critical source of news for the British public. The Artemis Light console will help to keep ITN’s production facility at the forefront of the news business for years to come and accommodate almost any imaginable news scenario."

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