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Italian broadcaster installing Utah Scientific routing system

4 May 2011

TIMedia-LA7 – the third-largest terrestrial broadcaster in Italy – is equipping a renovated technical infrastructure that encompasses two facilities in Rome with a large-scale Utah Scientific system, comprising two UTAH-400/528 video routers with integrated audio routing.

The upgrade initiative allows the broadcaster – which operates two main TV services as well as themed/satellite channels and web TV – to provide full 3G/HD/SDI signal distribution.

The Utah Scientific system enables TIMedia-LA7 to take a new approach to managing audio and video. In addition to supplying the necessary routing capability and reliability, the Utah Scientific system will enable the broadcaster to enhance/extend playout services and optimise the use of technological resources.

“Utah Scientific is an excellent technological partner for TIMedia-LA7,” said Simone Madoni (pictured), operations manager at TIMedia-LA7 TV. “Because the company is completely focused on large routing systems, we have found that we can rely on Utah Scientific to work closely with our engineers to develop innovative solutions to our unique operational requirements.”

“TIMedia-LA7’s technical centres in Rome have always been pioneers in broadcast technologies,” said Tom Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. “The UTAH-400 routers at the core of the company’s broadcast infrastructure not only provide our signature reliability and design efficiency, but also offer the TIMedia-LA7 a foundation for expanding its full broadcasting services and solutions.”

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