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Isilon wins in Vancouver

7 January 2010

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium has selected Isilon IQ as the primary repository for all of its Winter Games raw footage and video package content.

With Isilon, the Consortium will be able to unify hundreds of hours of broadcast coverage onto a single, high-performance and highly scalable shared pool of storage. This will enable concurrent, multi-user access to content across the network, accelerating realtime editing and speeding content delivery.

“Our unprecedented multi-platform coverage of Vancouver 2010 will provide consumers with more choices than ever before. Canadians will be able to watch what they want, when they want, and how they want,” said Mike Kozlakowski, senior manager, media technology systems at CTV, Canada’s Olympic Network and leading broadcaster within the Consortium. “To achieve such a feat, we need a storage system that provides highly concurrent content access to our users without sacrificing performance or ease of use. With Isilon, we have exactly that – a solution already proven in our own 24x7x365 operations to be capable of delivering in an environment as intense as the Winter Games.”

During the Winter Games, the Consortium will deploy Isilon IQ as the central content repository for its proprietary Video Gateway broadcast portal, creating a single, shared pool of storage for all content to streamline ingest, encoding, editing, and delivery of both live and pre-packaged coverage. With Isilon, the Consortium team on-site can access the same content from multiple locations and protocols, enabling users to simultaneously utilise the same content in realtime, dramatically accelerating time-to-air.

CTV currently uses Isilon scale-out NAS as the primary storage system supporting its Canadian broadcast operations, including integration with Harris Nexio servers for high definition content, as well as all standard definition media. In partnership with value-added reseller Applied Electronics, CTV has deployed numerous Isilon IQ clusters to provide its users with unfettered, highly concurrent media access, eliminating the inherent inefficiency and data fragmentation of its previous SAN storage system. With Isilon IQ, CTV is utilising 95% of its storage capacity with no degradation of performance, maximising its storage investment and significantly increasing workflow productivity.

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