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IRT and Aspera partner for MXF file validation

16 January 2013
IRT and Aspera partner for MXF file validation

IRT, the research, test and certification institute for public broadcasting organisations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has joined forces with technology partner Aspera for its MXF file validation initiative. Specifically, Aspera has integrated IRT’s MXF Analyser into Aspera Orchestrator (pictured), Aspera’s web-based application and SDK platform for automating and managing high-speed file transfers. With MXF rapidly gaining acceptance as a mandatory industry standard, Aspera claims Orchestrator is the first solution to comply with public broadcaster demands for MXF file validation with special focus on file transfer applications. The integration of MXF Analyser into Aspera Orchestrator enables the verification and confirms the integrity of MXF files, and importantly, can be inserted at any point in orchestrated workflows that include Aspera’s transfer processes. It allows the in-depth analysis of each broadcaster’s MXF files as well as customisable and easy integration into their individual workflows. Bruce Brewer, European sales director, Aspera, said: ‘The IRT is a very well respected research body, so it’s very satisfying to receive this accreditation from them for our joint developments in MXF file validation. The initiative will not only pave the way for future products and standards development to provide real-world applications for public broadcasters, but will also help IRT and Aspera support the evolving needs of broadcasters in central European regions.’

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