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IPV to debut new tools

31 August 2010
IPV to debut new tools

IPV will be showcasing new tools for its Teragator and Curator systems for live event workflow at IBC2010. Capabilities making a debut at the show include business analytic tools for the Teragator data aggregation engine and improvements to the Curator system.

Based on semantic web technologies, Teragator provides a platform to aggregate metadata sources and data mining services, managing relational links between assets and data. It also allows disparate data sources to be analysed in a single application and modelled to explore business metrics. Customers using dynamic data could benefit from Teragator’s ability to aggregate live feeds and allow users to see the effects of breaking stories.

Curator workflow productivity, meanwhile, has been improved by speeding up ingest, logging and retrieval, with integrated live desktop editing. Users can browse either single or multiple libraries for content. Running on both PC and Mac, Curator supports media annotation, review and approval, media browsing and management of high-res source media. Curator can also be integrated with Adobe Premier Pro Editor, for live proxy editing in a networked environment, and can be integrated with newsroom systems for an end-to-end workflow.

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