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IPV enhances Curator

9 April 2010

IPV is showcasing the latest tools for its Curator system that hold out the promise of accelerating the workflow for live event production including news and sports.

Making its début at NAB 2010 is the system’s ability to directly integrate with the Adobe Premier Pro Editor for live editing and voiceover capabilities in a networked environment. This process allows journalists to quickly assemble material for news or highlights packages and conform the output directly to air or craft editing and apply to the high resolution for finishing. The Curator system can also be fully integrated with the leading newsroom systems providing an end-to-end workflow.

Additionally in a fast-paced production environment, Curator can now support federated content search and discovery through close integration with IPV’s Teragator relational metadata aggregation and management engine that was first introduced as a technology showing at IBC2009.

Built on Semantic Web Technologies, Teragator is a powerful tool that provides a platform to aggregate disparate metadata sources and data mining services to identify and manage complex relational links between assets and provide a simple visually compelling graphical user interface to represent and interact with these links. In combination with IPV’s renowned low bitrate video technology, users can browse through the contents of any or multiple libraries to identify related, more appropriate content, quickly and simply — driving improved workflow and cost-efficiencies in finding, retrieving and managing assets and associated metadata and maximising earnings from a media asset portfolio.

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