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iPhone iPro Lens introduced by Schneider Optics

1 July 2013
iPhone iPro Lens introduced by Schneider Optics

The add-on lens system for the iPhone, by Schneider Optics, is now available for the iPhone 5. The system offers a wider range of lenses, including a new Macro and Super Wide.

The iPro Lens System features interchangeable Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide, Fisheye, and Telephoto lenses for use in photographic and video image capture. The system is stored in a black case that doubles as a handle, with a bayonet mount which securely fastens the lenses to the custom iPhone case. The outer case is suited to the newest iPhone, with a slide-on design, and a two-piece system for easy installation and removal.

The new Series 2 of lenses is suited to the increased resolution, better lens and improved sensor of the iPhone 5. These include the Fisheye, offering 180° of view with a larger image circle and sharper images, and the Super Wide, doubling the field of view of the iPhone’s built-in lens.

Users of the original iPro lens series for the iPhone 4 and 4S will be able to use their existing lenses on the iPhone 5 by upgrading to the new iPro 5 Series 1 case. The two-section case accepts both the original iPro optics and the new Series 2 lenses.

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