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iPad control for workflow

24 May 2013
iPad control for workflow

Integrated production systems from Broadcast Pix can now be controlled directly from an iPad app. Version 2 of the app has just been released, providing an intuitive wireless control surface for the operator.

“The iPad app and touch screen gives what I would describe as the next generation workflow,” said Broadcast Pix CEO, Steve Ellis. “The iPad is a dramatic and cost-effective way to enhance your end to end production needs.”

iPixPanel controls all aspects of a Broadcast Pix system, including switching cameras, adding key layers, and controlling the clip server, graphics and more. The virtual buttons on the tablet dynamically change to show the device and file name. The system also allows users to set up macros which are recalled by mnemonics, and the iPad shows what effect each button has under the selected macro.

To give the user control of robotic cameras the app provides on-screen a virtual three-axis joystick as well as rotary knobs to adjust focus, iris, white balance and other settings. Virtual rotary controls are also used to position and size overlays, scrub through clips and change the fade rates for switching video.

Any Broadcast Pix live production system can be controlled through iPixPanel, which is compatible with all iPad generations. Control apps are also available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

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