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INX launches24/7 NewsX with Octopus

5 March 2008

INX Media is just about to launch News X, a two-location 24-7 news channel broadcasting in English across the Indian subcontinent, with Octopus selected as the newsroom system suitable for the chosen workflow.

News X will operate from Mumbai and Noida with about one hundred journalists aboard. Octopus users will filter and browse stories coming in as wires and use an SMS option to communicate with their colleagues in the field. An integrated top-line messaging system allows instant communication between users of distinct centres.

The cross-platform tool for mobile computers, Octopus Field Reporter, will be used to post news from the field securely back to headquarters. Thanks to MOS integration, CG editing and proxy browsing is available directly on newsroom desktops. Rundown templates and scheduling take care of show planning, precisely defined user rights bring order into news-production processes.

Rundowns, once ready for air, are dynamically published to Aveco Astra (in Noida) and VectorBox (in Mumbai). Tight integration between Octopus and surrounding systems makes last-minute changes immediately reflected in Aveco’s playout, Vizrt’s graphics playlist and on the Autocsript teleprompters in the studio.

Installation in INX has been performed by Benchmark Microsystems, Delhi, India.

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