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Integrated news automation

24 May 2013
Integrated news automation

Two leading players in advanced workflow, Vizrt and Mosart, have signed a global agreement to collaborate on integrated newsroom automation and production systems. Both companies are spin-outs of Norwegian broadcaster TV2, and each has its headquarters in Bergen.

Mosart has a leading position in newsroom automation in Europe. It provides management software for all the third-party equipment involved in news production, allowing complex broadcasts to be produced by one or two operators. Because it can integrate virtually all legacy equipment and runs on standard IT hardware it can be implemented quickly and simply.

Combined with the Vizrt graphics and video workflow the system now serves the newsroom end to end from editorial to live on-air production. With just a single Viz Engine added to the Mosart network, broadcasters can incorporate advanced graphics and video playback in a lightweight and cost-effective solution.

“Wizrt is the global market leader in broadcast graphics, and we are grateful they have chosen a close co-operation with Mosart for the future,” said John Kjellevold, Mosart CEO. “Our aim has been that automation systems like Mosart should be a natural part of gallery upgrades. Soon, we will be able to make solutions taking care of an even greater part of the workflow.

“Broadcasters need to enhance quality, reduce costs and simplify newsdesk work. The Vizrt – Mosart solution offers such solutions.”

Petter Ole Jakobsen, CTO of Vizrt, added: “This agreement represents a major shift in how broadcasters will look at controlling their news broadcasts. When adding the Viz Engine realtime compositing capabilities to the Mosart automation, any operator can drive the most complex transitions and studio effects from a single interface.” 

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