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Innovision Wally and Kamtrax tracking systems

17 May 2011

Innovision Optics has introduced the Wally 2 Axes mobile camera support system from Movie Engineering, and the Kamtrax camera slider, which is claimed to be the first to provide weightless vertical tracking camera movement, writes David Fox. It has also launched a version of the Spintec Rain Deflector for HD DSLR cameras.

The Wally 2 Axes is a wall-mounted track system that can be used at indoor events without impeding or restricting views for the audience or other cameras. It was designed initially to enable a tracking system be fitted along a theatre balcony wall without disturbing audience sight lines.

With Innovision’s input, Milan-based Movie Engineering designed a motor control and camera platform that would run on a dual track mounted horizontally that would hug a wall, without disturbing the sight lines. Instead of cables on trolleys hanging on loops behind the Wally, the cable is hidden in a cable channel tray. The Wally 2 Axes allows a box camera and standard broadcast lens combination of up to about 5.5kg, to move along a path the shape of the wall, including around a bend of 3m or more.

An operator can be up to about 800m away, with connection is made via data cable, and control via a console and foot pedal through a PC running custom software.

This system has recently been installed in the newly designed Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas for the PBS series Austin City Limits. The system can also be used for studio productions.

Kamtrax camera slider

The new Kamtrax vertical and horizontal camera slider can provide "weightless and ultra-smooth vertical camera movement via sealed ball-bearing wheels running along an anodized stainless steel track." It is available in 90cm and 180cm lengths. Both ends can be attached to various mounts including 100mm ball, Mitchell plate or High Hat. The bottom of the track features a heavy-duty ball-bearing ring, which allows the track to pivot around endlessly.

A continuous cable surrounds the track end-to-end, providing control of camera travel up and down the track. Camera packages weighing up to 18.2 kg can be mounted. To render the camera weightless, the same amount of weight is attached (using barbell disks) to the other side of the continuous cable. The camera can then be raised or lowered using a finger, and the camera can be positioned at any point without being locked off. The camera platform can swing down 90º and be locked off at any point in between for a Dutch tilt.

The track can also be oriented horizontally in minutes to provide a side-to-side slider with the same smooth travel, using an accessory kit, while angular travel can be achieved using an optional Angle Slider Kit.

Spintec for HD DSLRs

The Spintec Rain Deflector has been used to provide rain-free pictures from broadcast cameras in even the heaviest downpour for more than a decade. Now there is a version for HD DSLR cameras.

Spintec deflects rain and snow by spinning a special glass filter 3000 times per minute, without imparting a gyro effect when panning and tilting. Water splashes and raindrops are instantly removed through centrifugal force. A vacuum effect removes lighter show flakes that are not removed by the centrifugal movement.

The unit mounts on 75mm to 105mm diameter lenses with either internal or external focus. For internal focus lenses the Spintec simply snaps on. External focus lenses are mounted via special brackets attached to standard 15mm rods.

The RD105 kit includes sunshade, power cable and a special camera cover.

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