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Infra-red from ruwido for secure comms

20 September 2010
Infra-red from ruwido for secure comms

At IBC, ruwido presented an innovative social communication unit with video and voice transmission via infra-red for easy and secure installation in the living room.

According to the company, while discussions about the security and privacy of wireless internet and common online chatting applications are ongoing, the infra-red protocol of the ruwido system ensures that all information stays private and cannot be picked up by any receiver outside of the room.

“Who doesn’t like chatting with friends whilst watching TV – commenting on the actors in soap operas, or statements made on talk shows?” said Dr Regina Bernhaupt, head of user experience research, ruwido. “Unfortunately, with our busy modern lifestyles, being surrounded by loved ones in the living room is often not possible. However, if you were having a private conversation over video chat, you would want to be completely sure that no-one else would have the chance to listen in, or have access to the transmission signal. ruwido Austria provides a solution that ensures private content stays private, whilst offering the user comfort and ease of use.”

Being able to place the social communication unit on the living room table allows to control the camera perspective – showing just a small part of the living room or several people sitting in front of the camera. The technological basis for the social communication application can be integrated into every IPTV system enabling two-way infra-red communication.

The strong demand for social communication while watching TV is one of the findings of ruwido’s ethnographic studies, in which households in France and Austria where examined regarding their media consumption behaviour over the last 6 years.

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