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IMT supports Sochi

13 February 2014
IMT supports Sochi

Vitec Group’s Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) is providing support for various Russian broadcasters covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi, with more than 30 Nucomm CamPac2 wireless camera systems. The system comprises the CamPac2 camera-mounted transmitter and Newscaster DR2 diversity receiver, Sony Remote Paint System camera control and digital voice intercom package.

“IMT is no stranger to these major sporting events, having supported nearly 30 previous games,” said IMT divisional chief executive Stephen Shpock. “We fully understand the specifics of the environment in terms of working in the 7.1-7.7 GHz Russian frequency band and what is required to cover an event of this scope.”

IMT is providing on-site support at the games with a full team of technicians. The company has also established an emergency service centre in the UK to handle replacement-unit requests and larger module repairs/replacements.

The CP2 wireless camera system can handle applications including ENG, portable camera mounting for sports production, helicopter and UAV links as well as mobile video and data links. The tri-band-capable unit operates in the unlicensed 5.8-GHz band, as well as licensed 7.1-7.75 GHz bands, without any hardware changes. The Remote Paint System Camera Control for Sony cameras permits realtime control of all critical parameters that are available within the panel or camera’s feature set.

The Newscaster DR2 diversity receiver features “intelligent” block down converters that communicate with the DR2 receiver to control various operating modes. The DR2 now has the ability to remotely extend its antennas to 1000ft (using a Belden 1694A cable), complete with DC power from the receiver. The units can transmit and receive frequency bands from 1.99GHz to 7.75GHz.

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