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IMT’s flexible alternative for news

13 August 2013
IMT's flexible alternative for news

Live demos of the Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live transmitter from Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT) will take place on the Nucomm/RF Central stand.

The Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live next-generation camera-mounted transmitter is said to enable broadcasters to transmit video over cellular, microwave, Wi-Fi and satellite connections, offering ENG/OB teams a highly flexible and powerful alternative to traditional satellite and microwave links.

The Connect Live transmitter is described as a powerful combination of Nucomm’s COFDM technology and Dejero’s patent-pending, adaptive bitrate, cellular bonding technologies and portal management system.

“This is an industry first, the most versatile SD/HD live-news wireless camera system on the market today that is a big win for those broadcast outlets looking for a cost-effective and reliable newsgathering solution that gives them greater range, mobility and flexibility,” said Integrated Microwave Technologies divisional chief executive Stephen Shpock. “With its dual COFDM and bonded 4G LTE live video streaming capabilities, the Connect Live system is essentially two products in one. It combines IMT’s microwave expertise with Dejero’s cellular bonding technology, allowing broadcasters to cover live breaking news and provide realtime reporting from locations that are too costly or difficult to reach with traditional methods.”

The Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live transmitter is manufactured by IMT under its Nucomm brand and is fully integrated with the Dejero LIVE+ platform. The system is packaged with a 5in, high resolution touch LCD monitor designed to mount directly onto a range of small format HD cameras.

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