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Ikegami & Avid get Emmy nod

13 December 2010
Ikegami & Avid get Emmy nod

Ikegami and Avid are the latest companies to announce that they’re receiving an Emmy Award next year, this one for the Development and Production of Portable Tapeless Acquisition, that started back with the Editcam in the 1990s.

This is the 4th time that Ikegami has received a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award. The two companies started the development in the early 90s of a concept for a totally nonlinear acquisition system – when at that time the mainstream of broadcast video editing was using linear VTR-based systems.

In 1997, based on this “Total nonlinear platform” Ikegami and Avid introduced the Editcam system which was the world’s first broadcast quality camcorder system recording directly to hard disk drives (HDD) as its digital nonlinear recording media.

Naoki Kashimura, Ikegami’s General Manager for Corporate Strategy and Marketing, commented: “In the mid-1990s we could foresee the technological future, and we introduced tapeless broadcast camera systems with hard disk drives as the recording media. We recall that there were many big problems to overcome – such as how to protect the HDD from shock and vibration and how to develop stable software to avoid loss of material in a broadcast field-acquisition environment. We are delighted to have been recognised for our contribution to the technical advancement of broadcast equipment.

Based on the vast experience gained with the development and operation of the Editcam, Ikegami has now selected Flash Memory as a suitable recording media for its latest nonlinear product range – the GF SERIES of products – as Flash Memory has now evolved in technology, capacity and is also at an acceptable price.

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