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IDX to distribute Dejero

9 February 2011
IDX to distribute Dejero

IDX Technology has signed an exclusive EMEA distribution agreement with Canadian manufacturer Dejero Labs Inc, developer of the Dejero LIVE wireless platform.

Under the agreement, IDX will provide distribution and sales support functions for Dejero LIVE Platform, including the ground-breaking new wireless ENG transmission system that uses multiple 4G and 3G cellular networks to transmit live broadcast quality video.
Dejero LIVE Platform allows broadcast professionals and news crews to connect their camera to the Dejero transmitter, a compact portable peli-case and broadcast live within a matter of seconds.  Broadcasting video via cellular networks means virtually no range restriction, significantly reducing the cost, staff and time involved in operating satellite trucks or mobile uplinks. A Dejero video server and online manager can be installed in a studio or newsroom to control and manage incoming video sources.

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