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IDX adds Elite transportable power

24 October 2006

IDX Technology has introduced Elite, a high capacity battery for its established IDX Endura System.

Elite offers all the advantages of Lithium-Ion chemistry with the freedom of straightforward hassle-free transport by air. At 142Wh/9.6Ah the company claims that this is the only Li-ion battery over 100Wh capacity that is flight friendly – meeting IATA UN A45 regulations for easy unrestricted carriage.

Elite uses a pair of Power Cartridges that pack inside its rugged outer casing. Besides allowing Elite to meet the transport regulations the design offers economic and ecological benefits as future replacement Power Cartridges can be used in the original casing. So the V-Mount and the electronics that ensures safe and long-life operation, as well as supporting Digi-View and holding battery management data for i-Trax monitoring, is effectively recycled, lowering running costs. Future Power Cartridges will reflect the continued developments of Li-ion chemistry, most likely bringing yet more capacity to Elite.

Elite is compatible with all existing IDX Endura System chargers and can provide a run time of 5.4 hours at 26W, as well as supporting the higher loads associated with HD and radio link cameras. The 1190g weight and 100(W) x 168(H) x 71(D) dimensions allows a good balance with modern cameras – especially those with HD lenses. The protection circuits for temperature, inrush and load help ensure long and reliable battery performance.

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