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IdeasUnlimited pushes ContentProbe Hawk

14 August 2012
IdeasUnlimited pushes ContentProbe Hawk

IdeasUnlimited will launch ContentProbe Hawk, its new dedicated compliance recording and verification system, at IBC2012. ContentProbe Hawk unites compliance recording, monitoring, verification and live viewing functionalities under a simplified architecture. It enables broadcasters to ingest and record any unencrypted or encrypted satellite, DTT, TS, ASI or SDI source, and view/monitor on any combination of Macs, PCs and dedicated monitors. ContentProbe Hawk provides genuine frame-accuracy when browsing proxies so that users can pinpoint required content without delay. It includes an integrated loudness monitoring engine, IdeasUnlimited’s video fingerprinting technology and the AdCert system for automated spot transmission reporting. “ContentProbe Hawk is a logical response to our customers who have expressed a desire to simplify the physical installation and reduce the operational complexity involved in compliance recording and monitoring until now,” said IdeasUnlimited’s Glyn Powell-Evans. “The innovative, next-generation design we’ve produced with Hawk will allow users to work smarter, reduce capital costs and achieve a much more compact, energy-efficient setup than ever before.”


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