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Iconic intercom from Clear-Com

27 August 2013
Iconic intercom from Clear-Com

Clear-Com will be showcasing its new family of Icon connectivity devices at IBC2013. The communications products link local or geographically distributed intercom systems over common Ethernet, IP or optical fibre networks.

“Today’s broadcast productions often involve multiple teams based in different locations covering a single event or multiple events,” said Simon Browne, director of product management at Clear-Com.

“Despite the separation, teams must still be able to communicate seamlessly and in realtime over one integrated infrastructure [so] the ability to link disparate communications systems and extend access of voice communications becomes highly critical.”

The Icon range includes: VoICE2, a 4-channel Ethernet interface for extending intercom audio communications; Concert-Server, a 144-channel virtual intercom for operating over IT networks; and Eclipse-HX Matrices, high performance matrix system frames offering up to 64 nodes of connectivity over fibre interface cards.

Other products include the Optocore X6R-FX-Intercom and V3R-FX-Intercom. Designed for Optical fibre rings, the Optocore 8 Port (4 port on the V3R) intercom interfaces offer transport of both intercom audio and control data. Each device includes two redundant LAN network ports and two SANE CAT5 ports and Optocore LC Fibre interface. It offers a RJ-45 connection for matrix and for user panels, and any 4-wire audio I/O.

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