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IBC2016 Best Conference Paper announced

27 July 2016
IBC2016 Best Conference Paper announced

The IBC2016 Best Conference Paper award goes to a paper entitled ‘WIB: ­A New System Concept for Digital Terrestrial Television’. Authors of the paper are Erik Stare of Teracom, Dr Jordi Giménez of Universitat Politècnica de València and Dr Peter Klenner of Panasonic Europe.

The peer reviewers who carefully scrutinise every submission for the technical papers programme in the IBC Conference make the choice for this award. It is given to a paper which both significantly advances the industry’s knowledge, and does so in language and description which is clear, informative and engaging.

“Our choice this year was for a paper which tackles a subject some may have thought close to end of life, but actually revitalises the whole subject of terrestrial broadcasting,” said Dr Nick Lodge, chair of the IBC technical papers committee. “What these researchers propose is a way to achieve higher digital bandwidth, an incredibly efficient use of spectrum and a huge reduction in power consumption. This is genuinely ground-breaking work, turning conventional wisdom on its head­ a very exciting paper indeed.”

On behalf of his fellow authors, Stare said: “I am overwhelmed and feel deeply honoured to receive this prestigious and important award.” Noting that the paper gives new life to digital terrestrial transmission when many were predicting its demise, he added: “I am especially happy for the recognition of work on new development directions for DTT.”

The paper will be presented in a dedicated IBC conference session, Œ’Recent Advances in Terrestrial and Mobile Video Broadcasting’, starting at 10:30 on Sunday 11 September. The authors will receive their trophy during the IBC2016 Awards Ceremony at 18:30 the same day. The entertaining and lively ceremony is free to all IBC visitors.

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