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IBC2012: Mariner xVu ensures QoE on large-scale networks

25 July 2012
IBC2012: Mariner xVu ensures QoE on large-scale networks

Mariner, a global provider of IP video solutions and technologies, will showcase the next generation of its IPTV service monitoring solution Mariner xVu at IBC2012 in Amsterdam. Mariner xVu now includes several innovative enhancements to its Mariner SupportVu and NetworkVu modules, enabling telecommunications providers to deliver a more reliable, high-quality user experience. Mariner xVu provides service operators’ headend technicians, network operations, field technicians, and customer service representatives with a powerful toolset for managing Quality of Experience (QoE), enabling them to proactively and efficiently confirm and isolate IPTV performance issues before they negatively affect the end user’s experience. NetworkVu enables a provider to access customised views of service performance based on categories such as neighbourhood, region, channel, and headend. SupportVu delivers a comprehensive, customer-centric view of the service, enabling an operator’s support team to verify and isolate customer service issues rapidly. New for Mariner xVu is an enhanced alarming functionality that includes multiple definitions per node, independent alarm severities and thresholds, as well as alarm suppression. After generating actionable alarms via XML, SNMP trap, and SMTP, the system alerts network operators so that they can quickly respond to service quality issues.  The company has also added an innovative Hot List module, allowing operators to strategically identify and monitor the QoE of selected customer groups. By increasing the frequency of monitoring and identifying strategic groups of customers proactively, Hot Lists will enable a reduction in help desk calls, thus improving the overall QoE for at-risk customers. In addition to these key enhancements, operators can now leverage the system’s new external data integration functionality to connect with network probes at the headend and individual network elements to achieve a more comprehensive view of the IPTV network. Data is collected, compiled, threshold established, and displayed on NetworkVu’s user interface, enabling a thorough understanding of IPTV traffic and customer QoE issues. Mariner xVu includes the ability to implement authentication and security options designed to protect valuable network information.  "Today’s IPTV service operators are challenged to reduce operating expenses while offering the best quality of experience to customers across a growing number of IP-connected devices," said Curtis Howe, president and CEO, Mariner. "With the addition of several sophisticated new features, these latest enhancements to Mariner xVu offer users the most comprehensive, end-to-end IPTV service monitoring solution, significantly reducing costly field dispatches while ensuring a high-quality service."


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