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IBC2010 second biggest ever

15 September 2010
IBC2010 second biggest ever

The total attendance for IBC2010 was a mammoth 48,521, a rise over last year’s attendance of 8.7% – which also helps make it the second biggest IBC in history.

“One of our biggest challenges is in reflecting the way that the industry is changing, with much more focus on strategic decisions about technology and growth,” said IBC CEO, Michael Crimp. “With decision-making moving upwards within an organisation, IBC has to be relevant to CEOs who previously might not have had it on their radar.”

“IBC is much more than the sum of its parts,” he continued. “We add value to the exhibition and conference, with initiatives like training and workshops, the Connected World, where our end of the industry could understand changing consumer behaviours, and bringing in stunning technology demonstrations like NHK’s Super Hi-Vision.”

“The rise in attendance this year suggests strongly that IBC’s developments are delivering what the industry requires from its annual global meeting place. I look forward to welcoming everyone to IBC when it opens, here in Amsterdam on 8 September 2011.”

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