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IBC launch for Audemat SLA monitoring tool

7 September 2011
IBC launch for Audemat SLA monitoring tool

Audemat’s SLA Monitor software tool offers broadcasters a means of closely monitoring the performance providers against any Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are in place, writes David Davies.

It also allows users to easily identify the number and duration of any infringements, should they occur.

Audemat says that the tool helps ensure that the broadcaster is aware of the performance of its network at all times, as well as establishing grounds for compensation if the performance is less than promised.

SLA Monitor – which is managed via an intuitive web interface and can be fully customised in terms of parameter setting, tolerance levels and reporting – will be demonstrated on the Audemat stand throughout IBC2011.

Nicolas Boulay, CTO of WorldCast Systems, commented: “The ongoing operational costs of a broadcast station constitute a major financial commitment for broadcasters and, given that the service provided is so critical, an active SLA is a must to ensure continual high quality output.

“However, without proper monitoring of actual performance against the SLA, a broadcaster can find it difficult to raise complaints or apply for compensation for any revenue or reputation lost. Audemat’s SLA Monitor offers a truly objective method of logging and reporting all violations, bestowing the broadcaster with perfect knowledge and perfect proof.”

Stand: 8.B50

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