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Ianiro’s LED white right for colour

20 September 2007

Ianiro might be a late entrant to the field of LED lighting, but it reckons its three years of research have cracked the white balance problem that has so far bedevilled the technology, writes David Fox.

LED lights have great advantages – long lasting, low power, cool, easily dimmable with no change in colour temperature and robust – but the light they emit tends to look cold (about 6000K) as there is a blue and green bias in existing white LEDs. Ianiro reckons that it has this problem solved.

“Thanks to a very careful blend of selected, latest generation LEDs, we manage to deliver a very high CRI compared to what is available so far,” explained managing director, Fabrizia Ianiro, referring to the Colour Rendering Index used to show how accurately colours are displayed. “It is colour enhancing, without the use of a gel or filter.”

The lights achieve a colour temperature of 5600K, the standard for traditional day lights, which gives the correct rendition of blue, green and red. They can also be warmed up or cooled down by about 500K in each direction.

Ianiro has initially developed a location range: the LED 6 and LED 7, with six and seven LEDs respectively, which are ready to ship, and the LED 54, which has three individual rings of lights that can be used as one big, but flexible light, or split into three lights. All automatically adjust for 7.2-12V operation.

The company is also developing studio LED soft lights. “LED is really the revolution. It’s the light of the future,” Ianiro added. She hopes to replace every piece of the company’s traditional lighting eventually, once the price and technology makes it practical, although EU environmental considerations may well hasten this move.

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