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IABM tech webinars start

28 September 2010
IABM tech webinars start

The IABM kicks off a series of three monthly technology webinars for engineers, operational staff, management, and new recruits in the broadcast industry today at 15.30 GMT with a session on ‘Understanding High Definition and Image Processing’.

Subsequent sessions, both offered from 15.30 to 16.30 GMT, are ‘From Tape to File and the Transition to IT’ on Tuesday, Oct 26 and ‘Broadcast Distribution and Image Compression’ on Thursday, Nov 25. The fee for each session is £49.95 / €59.95 / $79.95. To register, visit

Today’s session describes how the HD revolution has required that every aspect of TV technology be revisited at the same time that consumer interaction and use of video is changing dramatically. Teaching elements include analysis of HD adoption and drivers; image basics and human perception; and image formats, standards, and processing.

The October webinar on file-based workflows describes how the transition has required rethinking of storage and production. Teaching elements include basic concepts of audiovisual and information technology, networking topologies for media operations, and an overview of various file formats. The November webinar on video delivery will focus on relevant concepts including video and audio compression, transcoding, channel capacities, modulation and coding techniques, error performance, and reliability.

The IABM also offers these sessions as one-day events for those that would like more in-depth training. The full-day sessions are provided onsite by John Ive, director of business development and technology. For more information on this training initiative, contact

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