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IABM recruiting participants for 2011 study

2 November 2010
IABM recruiting participants for 2011 study

The IABM is continuing to recruit participants to supply data for the association’s Global Market Study, an in-depth survey of the broadcast supply industry published every two years.

Targeted to suppliers, analysts, and venture capitalists, the 2011 IABM Global Market Study will aim to provide detailed information on the current state of the broadcast and media technology industry, up-to-date forecast data to 2015, regional analytics, commentary on emerging technologies, and a detailed look at nine distinct market segments. The organisation has also announced the dozen partner manufacturers who will help shape the survey – Avid, Axon, EVS, Grass Valley, Harmonic, Harris, Miranda, Nevion, Quantel, Snell, Sony, and Vitec Group. Partners play a key role in determining the structure and industry segmentation for the study, and supply full shipping and forecast data through 2015.

"The Global Market Study has built a keen reputation in the industry as a tool for broadcast technology companies to evaluate their competitive position and investigate strategies for future success," said Peter White, IABM director general (pictured). "The study sizes the different segments, identifies the leading players, and provides a global analysis on a regional basis. It examines the risks and rewards available in our rapidly changing market and is required reading for financiers, supply-side stakeholders, and corporate management."

Participation in the Global Market Study is open to broadcasting equipment and services suppliers of any size who can supply data on their shipping and forecast products. Participants submit their data under strict non-disclosure and also agree to a telephone interview with analysts from Screen Digest, the independent market research group that is conducting the study. More than 200 companies provided data for the 2009 edition.

"Unlike other top-down research projects, this study builds the market sizing and valuation data from the bottom up. That’s why it’s critical that we receive participation from as many equipment suppliers as possible," said White. "The findings reflect actual shipments based on detailed data submissions from participating companies right across the supply community, to achieve a level of detail and accuracy not otherwise available."

Companies interested in participating in the 2011 IABM Global Market Study may contact Megan Haywood at for more information. Participants receive a substantial discount off the full price of the final publication.

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