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IABM launches equipment training DVD

23 March 2006

The IABM has announced the launch of a new interactive training DVD aimed at non-technical personnel already working in – or entering – the broadcast profession, called Broadcast Equipment: What it is and What it Does.

The DVD’s training programme has been specially prepared and developed by the IABM and is designed to facilitate the professional development of non-technical staff in a highly cost-effective manner. It demonstrates the use of broadcast equipment in context with five separate areas explored using video clips, supporting narrative and images. The areas are: TV Studios; Gallery; Post Production; Running a Channel and; Radio.

"As the broadcast industry changes the need to provide personnel with an up-to-date understanding of not only the technology but also the operational and business aspects becomes key to our success. The IABM training DVD provides us with a simple but effective tool to achieve this," explains Tony Taylor, CEO and chairman of TMD.

The delivery of information on the DVD has been designed to be as conversational as possible while providing a wealth of information in a non-technical manner. There are also questions at the end of each section to help with information retention.

John Gluck, Sales and Marketing Director, Calrec, adds, "For most of our new employees, trying to understand the workings of the broadcast and production industries that we serve is like trying to make sense of a menu written in a different language when you’re on vacation — you have no idea of what you’re looking at and when the waiter tries to explain, you end up more confused! The IABM training DVD has already started clarifying our customers’ world for new colleagues without taking up valuable time from management and engineers. We already see it will be invaluable in our induction process and beyond. Compared to what we are asked to pay for training visuals from the general training sector, it’s great value."

The DVD is available now and is priced at: US$ 395, UK£220, Euro 295. There are discounts for members and bulk purchases.


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