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IABM Annual Conference will assess tech supply business

14 November 2012
IABM Annual Conference will assess tech supply business

The IABM‘s annual conference on 29-30 November in Windsor, UK will examine the health of the media technology supply industry, offering valuable perspectives on its financial state as well as its future business prospects and pitfalls. "This is a difficult time for many companies in our sector, and this year’s conference aims to be a valuable source of insight and information for both struggling and successful businesses," said IABM Director General, Peter White. "The financial data and expert perspectives shared during the IABM conference will address the most pressing issues facing our industry today while also making the case for a brighter future." The financial and business focus of the conference is timely, as the latest IABM data shows striking findings regarding profitability. The organisation’s data indicates that overall market profitability continues to decline. Fewer than 70 percent of the companies in the IABM Industry Index are currently making profits. White will address these and other statistics in his opening keynote, "Is Our Industry Still Profitable?" In addition to outlining the changing business trends based upon the IABM market valuation and end-user research, White will establish the market potential for products and services. A subsequent keynote examining venture capitalists’ view of the industry, where they feel the value lies in today’s businesses, and which companies they view as being set to shape the industry’s future will be followed by a presentation focusing on how technology suppliers can identify and protect the value within their own

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