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IP Interoperability Zone at IBC2016

23 August 2016
IP Interoperability Zone at IBC2016

IABM has joined forces with AIMS to deliver a major new initiative at IBC – the IBC IP Interoperability Zone.

Supported by the AES, AMWA, EBU, SMPTE and VSF, the IBC IP Interoperability Zone will feature real-world demonstrations of interoperation between a large number of different manufacturers’ IP system components, all based on the JT-NM interoperability roadmap.

The IP Interoperability Zone can be found in Hall 8 on stand D.10.

“The realisation of the IP Interoperability Zone at IBC, with so many different vendors and end-users getting behind it, is an expression of the industry’s common purpose,” said Peter White, IABM CEO.

The zone will also provide space for visitors to discuss the challenges with various vendors, all of which are working towards achieving standardisation and seamless interworking.

White added, “This shared vision will remove the roadblock that uncertainty over standards and interoperability has put in the way of end-users’ decisions to transition to the many potential operating and cost benefits of IP technology in the broadcast production chain.

“Our own efforts in this direction resulted in the IABM Industry Collaborative Groups (ICG) Endorsement Program, and it is fitting that we are partnering with the first endorsed group – AIMS – in bringing this exciting initiative to IBC2016.”

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