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i-Pix helped World Cup Kick Off

29 June 2010
i-Pix helped World Cup Kick Off

One fond memory that all countries can take away from South Africa no matter how their team performed was the excellent opening ceremony which used over 100 i-Pix Satellite and BB4 LED lighting fixtures.

These were supplied by Gearhouse South Africa, technical provider for the whole event, and part of a scheme designed by LD Patrick Woodroffe. Executive-produced by Control Room, the concert was enjoyed by 30,000 people who packed into the stadium, as well as the tens of millions of fans watching around the world via the global broadcasts.

The BB4 and Satellite fixtures are part of Gearhouse’s stock – the company has invested steadily in the leading entertainment sector LED brand over the last four years.

A total of 60 i-Pix BB4 wash lights were incorporated into the show, 32 hung on the over-stage trusses and used to help illuminate the set – a series of 154 hexagonal shaped printed shields which clad the inside three walls of the stage/roof in the shape of the South African flag. These were an integral part of the distinctive design by Ray Winkler of Stufish.

The other 28 units were placed along the front of the stage and used for up lighting two large side stage scrims between the edge of the stage and the outside LED IMAG screens.

The i-Pix Satellites and BB4s for the Kick Off Concert were controlled via a grandMA lighting console – programmed by Tim Routledge – which was running all the show’s stage lighting. The show’s technical director was Jim Baggott and it was executive-produced by Kevin Wall for LA-based Control Room.

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