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I-Movix launches Infinite

14 March 2016
I-Movix launches Infinite<BR /> 

Infinite, a new ultra-slow motion camera, has been released by I-Movix.

The camera, which the company described as “radically different” is claimed to be the first to offer continuous on-board loop recording of more than one hour of high frame rate in HD.

Based on Vision Research’s Phantom Flex4K camera and the I-Movix X10 platform, Infinite is designed to streamline production logistics. The triggerless workflow allows production teams to review and save content for the live show for post-game analysis and marketing.

“Scalability and adaptability are the key benefits with Infinite,” said Laurent Renard, I-Movix CEO. “The ability to operate without a server is a breakthrough with far-reaching consequences for production, and the combination of all the features means that Infinite is far more adaptable to any production workflow than previous ultra motion solutions.”

The continuous on-board loop recording allows users to record an entire sports event without interruption. The triggerless coverage means a dedicated operator is not required, and the production team do not need to risk missing any of the action.

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