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I-Movix captures Horse of the Year ultra slow

29 November 2011
I-Movix captures Horse of the Year ultra slow

The recent Horse of the Year Show completed a trio of prestige UK show jumping events broadcast live this year on Sky Sports, all of which were covered with the I-Movix Vvs ultra slow motion system, writes David Fox.

During the two outdoors events at Hickstead the system, provided by Editec, was used at a variety of frame rates, sometimes as high as 2,000 frames per second. However, as the Horse of the Year Show is indoors, at the NEC, Birmingham, lower light levels restricted use of the higher frame rates, although the system’s low-light performance still permitted shooting at around 750fps.

“The I-Movix system comes into its own on these events, with superb high-speed and low-light performance," said Editec’s Managing Director, Steve Cotterill. "Other systems would struggle to produce clean pictures even at 250fps."

“I-Movix allows you to witness sporting moments the human eye cannot detect," added director, Phil Murphy.

“The camera system in itself is superb, but the skills of the operational and engineering staff at these events add further to the results achieved – credit due to Ben Seaman, freelance cameraman, and Ian Nisbett, senior vision engineer," said Cotterill, who is UK distributor for the I-Movix Sprintcam.


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