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Hybrid cloud/ground workflows

4 January 2013
Hybrid cloud/ground workflows

MediaSilo, the provider of cloud-based media workflow and collaboration solutions, is collaborating with existing systems integrators on hybrid solutions for media access. The first successful implementation is with XPlatform Consulting: together the two companies have developed the server appliance Ubiquity. The object of the collaborations is to develop systems which provide access to stored content from any location. The Ubiquity systems enables users to perform a single federated search from any location across multiple SAN, NAS and asset management systems, enabling hybrid cloud/ground workflows for capturing, transcoding and reviewing media assets. “Large enterprises have complex workflows for storing and managing their media, coupled with a requirement to collaborate remotely for creation, approval and release of content,” explained Kai Pradel of MediaSilo. “Many of these companies have large investments in multiple systems spread over multiple sites, but lack an easy means of finding and accessing the content. “By integrating with partners such as XPlatform, we are able to offer these enterprises the best of both worlds,” he added: “the anywhere, anytime access of the cloud, combined with the security and familiarity of their SAN, NAS and asset management systems on the ground.” Through Ubiquity’s business process management functionality users can create custom workflows that integrate multiple vendor technologies such as transcoding and accelerated file transfer. Review workflows are improved by ubiquitous access to the content, giving media businesses immediate and transparent awareness of their available assets.

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