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Huawei releases VaaS solution

28 April 2016
Huawei releases VaaS solution<BR /> 

Huawei has unveiled a new Video-as-a-Service solution.

The ICT solutions provider has designed its latest technology to build an E2E SaaS-based video service that helps users quickly launch video services.

According to the company, it can also be implemented to help reduce investment risk and shorten time-to-market.

“In the modern video era, more and more operators are realising that video is not just a value-added service on top of traditional telco services, but is also fundamental to future strategy for digital transformation and revenue growth,” the company stated.

“However, operators are encountering a series of difficulties when entering into the video market such as a long implementation period and difficulty in sourcing global content.”

The solution is intended to lower the market entry barrier by providing a hosting model to reduce both technical and financial concerns, whilst lowering the difficultly of video content aggregation and the build up of local digital ecosystems to offer ‘diversified video service experiences’.

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