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HPA: Creation not post is driving the production business forward

17 February 2012

Michael Cioni, CEO of Hollywood-based post house Light Iron, asserted that camera acquisition technology, not post production, is shaking up the production status quo writes Carolyn Giardina. Speaking at this week’s Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat in Palm Springs, California, he cited as an example Sony’s new F65 4K digital cinematography camera, which began shipping in January with more than 400 presold worldwide. “This shoots at higher data rates than vendors allow for download, (produces) more resolution than just about every exhibitor has pixels,” he said. “These things will change because we are answering the call.” He added that director Peter Jackson and his Wellington-based Park Road Post are also pushing the envelope with the workflow that is implemented to make The Hobbit. Jackson’s film is being lensed with Red Epic cameras and 3Ality 3D rigs, uniquely at 48 frames per second. Proponents of higher frame rates believe it can produce a more truthful image. “You can’t see it yet, but that will come, because they are not afraid to challenge it.”

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