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HPA awards Alexa

16 November 2010
HPA awards Alexa

The Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) has bestowed its very first Engineering Excellence Award to an acquisition system, awarding it to the Arri Alexa.

Glenn Kennel, President of Arri, said: “We are honoured that the Alexa camera has been recognized by the HPA for Engineering Excellence. Arri has always focused on providing the highest quality cameras with convenience, reliability and ruggedness to meet the demanding needs of production. In the digital world, this commitment extends to providing convenient and compatible workflows to support post production.”

Alexa is the first camera to support the recording of Apple ProRes 4444, 422 (HQ), LT or PROXY encoded images onto on-board SxS memory cards for Direct To Edit (DTE) delivery. With DTE, no transcoding or re-wrapping is required for editing in Final Cut Pro. Avid Media Access also supports ProRes for Media Composer 5, allowing time and cost savings. Productions recorded in uncompressed HD or ArriRAW for an off-line/on-line workflow gain another benefit: the QuickTime/ProRes off-line editing proxy is created directly in the camera, carrying the exact images, audio, time code and metadata as on-line HD or ArriRAW material.

“Combining our digital imaging technology directly with ProRes makes the Alexa camera the highest quality digital camera system available,” said Adrian Widera, Arri Strategic and Business Development. “The simple, immediate access to ProRes brings a whole new level of productivity to the professional motion picture and broadcast market.”

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