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Hosted VoD and OTT from InstaDIGITAL

1 November 2014

An interesting white label hosted VoD and OTT services platform was launched during IBC by InstaDIGITAL.

It aims to help broadcasters, operators and content owners get to market quicker. It’s made up of four connected tools, which can be run either as an end-to-end solution or as separate point products covering content management, DRM, store front and player.

“We’ve been building platforms for people from scratch for the past seven years and have productised that experience and turned it into instaDIGITAL, so customers can quickly access a straight-to-market experience for OTT and VoD,” commented CEO Ed Pippin.

“It’s a full white label solution, but you can also pick and choose one of the parts if you’ve already dipped your toe in the waters of OTT and VoD,” he added. “It’s hosted on the cloud so you no longer need racks, servers and teams of people on-site to run your video system. All you need is a small, skilled team with a good product to run those platforms for you. We are already running services in 46 countries worldwide and wanted to bring that experience to people at IBC.”

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