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Hitachi SK-HD1500 slow motion camera

1 November 2011
Hitachi SK-HD1500 slow motion camera

Hitachi has entered the slo-mo camera market, and can now offer all the cameras needed for an OB. The SK-HD1500 3x slow motion camera should be competitively priced, writes David Fox.

It will offer native 1080/150i and 50p (or 720/150P), and has three 2.3Mpixel 2/3-inch IT-CCDs, with 6Gbps transmission over SMPTE standard optical fibre.

"One of our objectives is to be able to offer all the equipment you’d need from a camera manufacturer for an OB truck, and slo-mo was the last piece," said Richard Harvey, technical director, Hitachi UK (pictured with the camera).

There are broadcasters that have bought all their studio cameras from Hitachi who now won’t have to look elsewhere for their OBs. For example, Saudi TV has about 150 studio cameras from Hitachi, and has just taken delivery of a 16-camera OB truck and two five-camera DSNG trucks.

The SK-HD1500’s light sensitivity is F10 at 2000 lux in normal speed mode, but drops to F7 at 2000 lux at 150fps. Similarly, the signal-to-noise ratio goes from a typical -60dB at 50fps to -54dB at 150fps.

Its CU-HD1500 camera control unit offers selectable HD output (HD-SDI) 1080/150i, 1080/100i, 1080/50i, 720/150p, 720/100p, 720/50p, using single link SMPTE245 or dual link, and SD output (D1) of 480i/60, 575i/50.

Power consumption should be 60W, without the viewfinder, and the camera head will weigh 2.2kg (or twice that with the fibre adapter).

It is expected to ship early next year, and all of Hitachi’s biggest customers, such as TRT Turkey, have expressed an interest.

Hitachi also has a new box-type version of its 1080p SK-HD1200 dockable multi-purpose camera. The compact DK-H200 will be useful for remote, point-of-view or graphics applications. The head weighs 1.5kg, and can be fitted with a fibre output.

The DK-HD200 can be used with two fibre interfaces that can transport 3Gbps HD-SDI SMPTE-424M video over distances in excess of 3km. It was developed to meet the needs of a US customer. There is also a 1080i version, the DK-H100-S1.


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