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HHB debuts loudness tech from TC Electronic

18 September 2014
HHB debuts loudness tech from TC Electronic

HHB Communications hosted the world debut of the new aNorm loudness algorithm and the latest products from co-exhibitors TC Electronic at IBC2014. TC Electronic’s aNorm normalisation algorithm provides loudness adjustment features that offer a new approach for user-defined Targets for Program Loudness and Loudness Range (LRA).

Complementing aNorm is the new Butterfly Processing Meter that offers both graphical and numerical displays of Program Loudness and Loudness Range parameters at all stages of the process. The aNorm algorithm and Butterfly Meter are part of the new LoudnessWizard II license for TC Electronic’s DB6 Broadcast Audio Processor.

“We are proud to offer second-generation loudness normalisation and new loudness processing metering to all audio-conscious broadcasters,” said TC Electronic’s Thomas Valter, VP of business management, broadcast and production. “aNorm adapts seamlessly to your content to achieve a transparent result where delicate production balances aren’t washed out. It is also easy to use, and it even leads to new transition processing never before possible.”

HHB is also displaying the latest TC Group products, including the new TC Electronic Loudness Pilot for loudness compliance with dual-stereo or dual-mono audio, the System 6000 Integration plug-in and the latest Dynaudio Air Control loudspeaker software.

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