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HD Masters: The technology conference

23 March 2006

A unique HD technology event will take place May 17 and 18 at the BFI Imax theatre in London. TVBEurope has joined forces with two of the premier societies supporting the broadcasting industry, BKSTS and SMPTE, to present HD Masters 2006,

Momentum towards the introduction of high definition TV services in Europe is building rapidly. Several conferences dealing with the ‘why’ of HD, examining likely business models, have already been staged. HD Masters 2006 is different; it deals with the ‘how’.

This is a technology conference for senior technical managers in European broadcasting facilities. The two-day event is designed to provide you with answers on how to move to an HD infrastructure: standards, acquisition and production, contribution and distribution, and the viewing experience.

Don’t miss HD Masters 2006, — it’s the HD technology event you’ve been waiting for.

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