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HBS and CAN in four year production pact

23 September 2010
HBS and CAN in four year production pact

3D production specialists CAN Communicate, and Host Broadcast Services (HBS), have announced a four year strategic partnership to co-produce and manage 3D content for a variety of forthcoming projects, writes Adrian Pennington.

The pact builds on their collaboration on the 3D broadcasts at the 2010 FIFA World Cup and will span the production of the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil. CAN acted as technical consultants throughout the World Cup project testing period and provided key stereoscopic 3D skilled personnel on site in South Africa. HBS had brought in CAN, with which it had collaborated on previous sporting events.

Peter Angell, Director of Production Division, HBS, sai:, “The World Cup project has set a benchmark in sports broadcasting, so much so that there is now an expectation that most major sporting events will have a 3D broadcast for cinema and TV audiences in the coming years. This collaboration between HBS and CAN, with all the expertise gained from our experiences in South Africa, means that we are ideally positioned as an industry leader to support that movement.”

According to both parties this agreement effectively formalises the “dream team of established leaders in the nascent 3D industry”. Together they say HBS and CAN occupy a unique position at the forefront of world-class live and as-live sports production in 3D.

Chris Dyer, Business Development Director and Partner, Can Communicate, said: “The 2010 FIFA World Cup project was a triumph not only of technical achievement but also of successful collaboration. With a wealth of shared experience and complementary skills, CAN and HBS have built a symbiotic relationship that holds enormous potential and can only grow into bigger and better things. We can’t wait to get started.”

The first joint project will be announced shortly. HBS are currently prepping work as host broadcaster of the Asian Games in Kazakhstan.

Image shows L-R:
Peter Angell – Director of HBS Production Division
Chris Dyer – Business Development Director and Partner, Can Communicate
Francis Tellier – CEO of HBS Group
Phil Brown – Commercial Director and Partner, CAN Communicate

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