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Harris: Where baseband meets broadband

13 July 2012
Harris: Where baseband meets broadband

Over the top television will be a key feature at IBC this year, according to Harris, and the company plans to demonstrate how its core technologies are important in this new sector

Harris sees new opportunities and business models emerging, and is positioning itself as a trusted partner to help media organisations through the transition.

“In today’s rapidly changing world, broadcasters need insight from partners capable of showing where this evolutionary process could lead us,” said Richard Scott, senior vice president for global sales and services at Harris Broadcast Communications.

He pointed to the company’s breadth of technologies in both traditional baseband audio and video and in broadband, file-based infrastructures. As well as its own products and systems, Scott noted Harris’s ability to integrate simply with third-party solutions.

“With our market position comes a responsibility not just to supply the technology but also thought leadership about where our industry is heading and the lowest risk route to where our customers need to be,” he said. “At IBC we will demonstrate that we have both the proven technology and the integrated vision that our customers need to thrive and survive in this dynamic market.”

At IBC Harris will be showing integrated content workflows, including capabilities in stereoscopic 3D television, 3Gbps infrastructures and the convergence of baseband and broadband for multi-platform delivery. To ensure revenues are maximised alongside new technologies, Harris will also be demonstrating its asset management and business solutions and the capability to closely interface with external systems. – Dick Hobbs

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