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Harris upgrades control suite

10 December 2009

Italian network operator Elettronica Industriale reports impressive space and energy savings after the largest installation to date of Harris’ Platinum technology.

Harris Corporation’s Platinum embedded audio-processing router has seen its biggest implementation yet, as Elettronica Industriale, the network operator of Italian media company Mediaset Group, reveals its upgraded master control suite.

Elettronica Industriale oversees central switching of all of Mediaset Group’s contribution signals, with an upgraded master control room built around five Platinum routers. The central router features a 512×512 configuration, is populated 400×400 with de-embedders on every input and embedders on every output, along with 32×32 mono analogue audio.

As mux/demux capabilities exist in Platinum, the router can process and route both discrete and embedded audio within the same frame. For signal monitoring, Elettronica Industriale is using a 1024×128 Platinum router configured with eight integrated Centrio multiviewers. Rounding out the installation is more Harris kit, including 6800+ core-processing modules, the VideotekTVM series of test and measurement equipment, and IconLogo branding products.

Taking up 32RU of space, the new system at Elettronica Industriale replaces a massive 230RU worth of equipment and runs at about 30% of the power needed by the previous system, helping with long-term operational costs.

“This is an excellent example of how Harris combines signal-processing power with a small footprint,” said Richard Scott, vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa operations, Harris Broadcast Communications. “Moving the mux/demux capability internal to the frame not only saves a great deal of rack space, but also reduces total system power requirements. That reduces energy and operational costs for our customers.”

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